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Mark Gonzalez

Nesthawk Agent, Orlando, FL

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Saved $9,656 selling with a Nesthawk Agent in Atlanta, GA

“Our Nesthawk Agent Szana, knocked it out of the ballpark, selling our house above asking price. The funds we got back after closing helped us with our new purchase.”

Save Up to $10,000

Better technology makes Nesthawk Agents more efficient, so we can provide the highest level of service and pass along our savings to you. You can see the exact refund amount for any home on the home’s detail page.

Here’s how it works:
  • The seller typically pays Nesthawk 2%–3% of the
  • home price for representing you as a buyer.
  • Nesthawk contributes part of that money to your closing costs.
  • When the savings are larger than your closing costs, we typically give you a check for the rest.
Nesthawk also saves you money when selling a home a home charging less than half.Learn More